40K Traitor Guard Fast Attack entry: Hellhound Squadron

I first posted about a decent Traitor Guard Army list in November of '10, coming up with a master list the following February. In the next few weeks I'll endeavor to flesh that list out entirely.  Today, we get a Fast Attack choice for those lost souls who have turned from the Emperor's Light: A Traitor Hellhound Squadron. While it goes without saying this entry is in no way tournament legal, endorsed or approved officially, it's strictly for fun -- which is what the hobby should be -- both for modeling and gaming!

This entry was compiled largely from the current Imperial Guard Codex, Chaos Space Marine Codex, Eye of Terror Codex and the Imperial Armour Renegades and Heretics...Defenders of Vraks list from Forgeworld.  Again, as no true models exist for these choices, they represent a great kit bashing modeling opportunity and extend the tabletop threat of the Traitor Guard.

Any opinions, feedback or playtesting results are welcome!


Hellhound Squadron    

Composition: Vehicle squadron composed of 1-3 of the following tanks in any combination:

Hellhound          130points
Plague Wolf       140points
Howler              135points

Hellhound 3 12 12 10
Plague Wolf 3 12 12 11
Howler 3 12 12 10

Unit Type:
Vehicle (tank, fast)

Wargear (all):
-Heavy Bolter

Wargear Hellhound:
-Inferno Cannon

Wargear Plague Wolf:
-Plague Cannon*

Wargear Howler:

•Any Model may replace heavy bolter with:
 -heavy flamer                                       Free
•Any Model may take any of the following:
 -Searchlight                                         +1point
 -pintle mounted heavy stubber               +10
 -pintle mounted combi weapon               +10
 -hunter killer missile                              +10
 -DozerBlade                                        +10
 -Extra Armor                                       +15
 -Dirge Caster+                                     +5
•The entire squad may take:
 -smoke launchers                                   +5
 -Camo Netting                                       +20

*Plague Cannon: Belches out a noxious, acidic cloud of hyper toxic bacteria so violently poisoness, it renders iteself inert, but not before inflicting horrific casualties.

Range: Template  Strength:AP:Type: Heavy 1/Poisoned 2+
(Targets with a toughness rating are wounded on a roll of 2+)

**Blastmaster: Focuses a basal note into an explosive crescendo that can burst eyeballs, rupture organs and warp armor. Varying the frequency changes the effects.  Announce which frequency is employed when nominating the enemy unit targeted.

                   Range     Strength     AP      Type
Varied         36"              5            4         Assault 2, pinning
Single          48"             8             3         Heavy 1, Blast, pinning

+The dirge caster is automatically included with the Howler.  This is reflected in its point cost.