40K Traitor Guard

All these spare Guard models, what to do? Traitors would be a cool enemy for my Guard and Marines. Very "fluff", very appropriate to the setting. "Just make them Traitor Guard" is the common suggestion if the Lost and the Damned or the old Chaos Cult armies are ever brought up. "Just make them Traitor Guard." But how's that done effectively, then? Would Commissars and Stormtroopers be present in a Traitor Guard army? Not likely. They'd be the first taken down or the first to retreat and regroup if their companies started going sour with Chaos.

When it comes to the "fluff" of the 40K universe, it would be cultists and traitors and renegade guard that would be the major problem and at the heart of most of the conflicts in that setting. Even seeing a Space Marine is a rare occurence, a Renegade/Chaos one showing up would be that much more rare. It's a numbers thing. Eldar and Dark Eldar raiders a nuisance, but survivable. The Tau may be expanding, but their pocket of the galaxy doesn't even rate the word "pocket" in size. The Orks are a massive problem, there's no real way of knowing how many Tyranids are on their way and the Necrons could be any and everywhere, but we're talking Chaos. With the quadrillions of people that populate the Imperium, the Inquisition, Space Marine Chapters, the Sisters and the Imperial Guard would have their hands full mostly with putting down Chaos corruption and rebellion from within. Plus, with all those planets in "The Eye" and nearby other tears between real space and the warp aren't spilling over with Chaos Space Marines. They'd be the ruling minority amidst throngs of cultists and militia and Guard-gone-bad.

I've looked around online and there are a few decent army lists out there for bringing the Lost and the Damned up to date for 5th ed 40K, and it would be easy enough I guess to throw some spikes on the models, step back and say you have Traitor Guard... but I think there ought to be an army list. (Actually they should have their own small codex probably) So, using the 5 relevant codexes from 1996 to the present day I'm going to piece together a viable and hopefully fair army list for Traitor Guard. I'll post it here soon!


  1. OK but I kind of disagree. But we've known each other how long so you should be used to this by now. Stormtroopers could be in a traitor army. If you get the right rabblerouser you can turn any group of people (cause like Agent K said "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.") So the storm troops could still be in there and then have a rabblerouser that counts as a Commissar or is it the other way around? But you know what I mean.
    How many novels have you read where on the outside the hero or proponents in the 40K universe bow, kneel and pray to the Emperor but all the time on the inside keep their real thoughts on the subject, and hell if more of them ever just openly say what they were thinking they might find out how many others around them are thinking it too!
    Man I'm starting to think I really should join the Alpha Legion!

  2. With everything else I'm going to heap onto the Traitor Guard in my list, they are NOT getting their hands on AP3 hotshot lasguns. lol!

  3. stormtroopers would rarely if ever rebel. an ordinary guardsman is not a fanatic, he believes but is not "FOR THE EMPEROR I FEEL NO PAIN ENEMY SCUM!" he is more like "FOR THE EMP- AH SHIT AN ENEMY, RUN!"

    stormtoopers are raised from birth to love the emperor and die for him, same as commissars. however, elite and fanatical chaos cultists could be counted as stormtroopers if you want to include them.

    and commissars could simply be the cult leaders.

    if you dont want your guys to be organised and be more a rabble, have an all-penal legioner army. PL's are expendable, good in close combat and dont have to be taken as part of an infantry platoon.

  4. I think that there are elite storm trooper regiments that dont fit with the imperial creed and many commisars hav been known to turn rogue all humanity in its lowest or greatest forms can be tempted by there dark desires or by pain and anguish. People suffering great plagues wud sell there very souls to end the pain.the great space matines were deemed uncorruptable but even after the great heresy there are still commanders once loyal to the imperium that now fight to destroy it.