The Secret DM's old-timey-feel, OGL playable Contest

Write and submit a dungeon crawl dungeon -- without backstory, the dungeon itself will drive the narrative and old school feel-- and possibly win the 1st ed. AD&D core books from Wizards of the Coast, plus have it turned into a professional quality .pdf!  See Link below:
All I play is original edition D&D, so "old" I can do.  OGL I'll have study some.  Playtesting D&D Next will help that learning curve hopefully!

From the Secret DM: PLEASE NOTE: This contest, while designed to honor the memory of Gary Gygax, is not officially supported by either Wizards of the Coast or the Gygax estate, so please base any items, monsters, encounters, etc on the OGL (Open Gaming License.)


40K Traitor Guard Progress Pics

I've posted a few times about kit bashing a traitor Guard force/army for Warhammer 40K.   This is to show that I was not posting lightly.  My son & I have been been working the Chaos loving traitors for a while now,  we just paused for other projects, summer stuff, etc. Not everything is painted, or even cleaned of flash/mold lines, but we're having a good time doing it and here's some of our progress:
"plucky" -- so named for his missing eye -- leads his cultists into battle
A little chopping & Defiler Autocannons make for a GREAT Leman Russ Extrerminator!

I FINALLY have somewhere to put that old spikey searchlight!
Well balanced squadron for Chaos unbalanced minds
The General & his Bodyguards. Total sleeper...
Chaos rough riders in a hurry drape det-tape over their lances
Clear Coat over black primer = instant weathering for a great neglected look