He's at it again

The master has reviewed what the student has done and now he's going to up the ante! CyborgTrucker's going to build the BaneLord Chaos Warlord Titan. If you want a more thorough explanation of how this process unfolds -- instead of me proclaiming how I've built mine from garbage and bits -- and what materials are best to use, how to attach them, an effective way to paint you need to go here: http://cyborgtrucker.blogspot.com/2008/05/banelord-khorne-warlord-titan-project.html

I seriously want to build Chaos Titan as my son collects Chaos and Traitor Guard, but between finishing up my own Warlord and finding time to complete my Damocles Rhino, I don't see that happening soon. So let's hobby vicariously through the Trucker, hey?


Warlord Titan progress

Due to the fact much of the Titan was built in the last 7 days, and a World of Warcraft addiction I am slowly recovering from, there have been no posts on this for months. But thanks to cyborgtrucker's effeciancy, I was able to pinch some of his pics to post here and give a little run down of what goes where in this semi-final form of the Judicum Divinia.

Here it is on it's trial run at a MASSIVE Apocalypse battle from May 18th at the local GW store:

Since that first hover tank from the Rogue Trader days of 40K, I don't see how I could NOT use an underarm deodorant bottle on this project, and since the ridges were just in the right place, that's where the Plasma Blastgun on the left carapace gets its shape. It sits on the casing for a chemical pump discarded at work which rests in the cap of urinal flush valve -- that was not used, but it was from a previously raided repair kit. The apocalypse missle launcher on the opposite shoulder was born from 3 different 1980's G.I.Joe toys. If you want to duplicate it, you're gonna need Grand Slam's launch pad, Lady J's Wolverine missle tank and the Hovercraft.

The feet became a major hang-up. I put them off as long as possible, hoping they'd just work out as is. But the more beefy the upper hull became, the more necessary some kind of effort was needed towards making the feet look more Titan-esque. I had purchased two plastic plates (one of only two items on this Titan that was actually paid for -- and happily, it wasn't even my money!) but trimmed, there was no way they were supporting any weight at all. The same type of wooden slats that made up the hips were trimmed and fitted underneath. Between them and the heavy floor tiles as the rear ankle guards, I now had stability gallore. The toeswere done at the zero hour, digging through my bits boxes when I came across loads of scout walker heads.

The thighs, Pringle can trimmed down. Much of the rest, cardboard cut to fit and festooned with old plastic sprues and the Mechanicum bits that look nice and techy. Above the butt, a battery case from a defunct CD/Radio. Exhaust on the back -- two computer fans. And other assorted details.

But even though it's gone into combat -- and was ripped apart by Tyranids -- it's still a work in progress. Hopefully, I'll have it done before cybortrucker finishes his planned Chaos Banelord of Khorne so we can have a proper tabletop brawl.

The Judicum Divinia's first battle report will follow soon.