40K Traitor Guard Troop entry: Chaos Cultists

I first posted about a decent Traitor Guard army list in November of '10, so this is a little overdue...  While it goes without saying this entry is in no way tournament legal, endorsed or approved officially, it's strictly for fun -- which is what the hobby should be -- both for modeling and gaming!

To get this unit right, I pulled & married material from as many sources as I could to keep it as game balanced and fluff rooted as possible.  Without presenting an actual bibliography I read and compared entries for: Chaos Cultists from the 2nd Ed Chaos Codex, the Eye of Terror Mutants, the Forgeworld Seige of Vraks Workers Rabble, Chaos Cultists from the 2001 Chapter Approved volume and the Conscripts from The Imperial Guard Codex.  The result makes a unit that should be interesting and dynamic to model and field in service of the Chaos gods.

Any opinions, feedback or playtesting results are welcome!

Cultists as seen in the Dawn of War PC videogames


Chaos Cultists:  80points

Chaos Cultist 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 7** 6+
Agitator 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 8 5+

20 Cultists

Unit Type:

*Close Combat Weapon (Knives, pointed sticks, clubs, maces, swords, machetes, claws, etc)
(Though the pistols may be used in shooting phase, the wargear still only counts as one weapon for CC)

*One Cultist may be upgraded to an Agitator for +10
*The Agitator may exchange his pistol or close combat weapon for a mutation or power weapon +10  (Both count as a power weapon. No. of Attacks remains as listed)
*Unit may include up to 30 addtional Chaos Cultists for +4 per model.
*One Cultist per 10 may take one of the following instead of close combat weapon and pistol:
     -Flamer, shotgun or grenade launcher +5
     -Heavy Stubbber +10

Attention of the Warp:  Cultist units numbering 40 or more models may attract more attention from their chaotic patrons then was originally intended. Starting in turn two, before the player's movement phase, make a leadership check for the unit.  If passed, nothing happens. If the check fails, 5 of the models are removed and replaced by a Chaos Spawn. This model immediately acts independantly of the Cultist unit and may not capture territory or objectives.  These checks go on until the unit numbers less than 40 models.

** Without an Agitator, Chaos Cultists morale becomes 1d6+4.  This is rolled at the beginning of the game before deployment and is used as their morale for the rest of the game.

 Chaos cultists are the useful idiots, willingly or unwittingly opening a door they can't close, behind which lies damnation.  Following the lies and deceits of a disgruntled or power mad agitator, or gathering as a group apart, they delve, dig and probe the limits of societal decency and norms, until, maddened by their vile craft, they burst from their hiding places in a wave of violence at the forefront of a rebellion or full on Chaos incursion. Hunted by the Inquisition, shunned by the Imperial masses and despised by their own Chaos masters and patrons, they are utterly damned for embracing the path of Chaos.



I Have NOT been idle...

...neglectful to the blog maybe. But not idle.

Actually, the year 2012's started out very well for gaming. I have no official New Year's resolutions per se, but so far this year, I've made good on past (and usually broken) promises to myself I would paint and model what I have in stock before taking on more, and expand my gaming horizons in general. To that end:

The year began with several sessions of Z-Man's Agricola
A very easily learned tabletop version of... well, farmville I guess. Different everytime it's laid out and playable in around 90 minutes to 2 hours, it's worth it's price tag!

Our D&D group is still at it as well. As WotC reels from the success of Pathfinder and contorts to redo/undo 4th edition D&D into a more palatable 5th edition, we persist with the original and best (in our opinion) from the Rules Cyclopedia:

Don't let the 4th ed. book in the pic fool you, we needed something to write on.
40K's back on the menu as well with a Saturday 6000 point Orks vs. Guard Ambush scenario from the 40K Battle Missions Book:
As far as painting, I've finished my recently acquired Dwarf Blood Bowl team:
Got my fleets and accessories done Dreadfleet, started painting Chaos Cultists for a LONG planned Traitor Guard list for 40K that I will publish here soon; working on my new Dwarf Miners for Warhammer. Hell, after that last disaster I've got to give them SOME kind of help; Finally putting the brush to the Blood Angel Terminators in Space Hulk; and back on the WoW-crack with an account renewal and the purchase of Warcraft III battle chest. I know it's 10 years old now, but it holds its own as an RTS and as great narrative for WoW. Whew... so that's why I haven't blogged at all until deep into 2012's second month. Lots to do! Why isn't there more time? That I can't answer. But as a gamer, if you ever find yourself bored or with time on your hands, you're doing-it-wrong!