Sunday Night Blood Bowl

Tonight, The Ironheed Manglers met the Morrsleib Manglers on the new Milwaukee Pitch to test it's suitability. Only about 2/3's completed, it held up just fine and there was much mangling up and down the pitch!

The dwarves stomped the Chaos beastmen into the dust, sending 4 to the dugout in VERY short order:

one pushed right off the pitch, one K-O'd & two seriously injured for the rest of the game. But, a dropped ball just outside the Ironheed Mangler's End Zone...

...and some fast hoofwork and a great pass on the part of #4 saw the score 1-zip Morrsleib.

The perfect storm continued at the opening kick-off of the second half for Chaos as once again, #4 (Mugglwump), ran the ball up the center with plenty of protection to score again.

As the Dwarves tried to rally, time on the game ran out. (The building contractors got wind the pitch was in use and the two teams hightailed it out of there...)


The BloodBowl Pitch takes shape

To be fair, 1987 is when the first edition of the Star Wars RPG was released for the saga's 10th anniversary, so my meager funds at the time went heavily towards that instead of Blood Bowl. However, now putting that 24 year old regret to rest permanently, my Blood Bowl pitch begins to take shape:

Love the weathervane... I ought to make that weather-VEIN and paint it purplish blue, eh? All hail Nuffle!


Don't know what it was...

...seriously, no freakin' clue. It was in a lot I got off Ebay when I "needed" some Mechs for Battletech. I don't even know if it's a legitimate mech from FASA or Catalyst Game Labs or what...

It's just sort of a blobby, crappy, robotnic-y kinda slab-o'-metal and I was sure I had a place for it in the depths of my garbage can! But wait!!! KIT BASH TO THE RESCUE!! First, lose the Hex base. Next cram some balsa bits under those wayward toes to balance it on it's original goofy base. (Much easier than trimming all that metal) Rip it in half and readjust like so:

KIND OF looks like it really wanted to be a 40K Dreadnought before it wound up as foul. We're gonna operate: Next do a little trim of a Chaos Space Marine vehicle combi-bolter's flamer half and cram it in there for stability. Add the creepy Chaos head from the command vehicle sprue...on a neck:

Add some of this:

Put these there...

...and those there:

"Hold it! Hold it! What's with the deadly-discs there. Fething lame!"

No-no. No lame. First off, those are engine parts from Anakin Skywalker's podracer. In their new home on that mounting they could be giant table-saws with a monomolecular edge, or they could be big electric heating elements that go through armor like an electric stove goes through a vinyl record, or they could generate a null field between them that just makes things go away -- the point is, if you were 28mm tall, you wouldn't want them waved in your direction by this thing.

Where was I?

A ChAoS Dreadnought!! All stretched out and crazy-bat-shit nuts about slaughtering whatever it comes across, "friend" or foe! How does it stack up against it's more noble and mentally stable counterparts?

Not bad... not bad at all. Just big enough to menace even these two guys, yet not so big as to look out-of-place. Look at how close the legs are compared to the other two. It's like this Chaos one could run really really ostrich fast; like it could chase dudes down and then peer around corners, hunting with it's creepy, too-many cameras and eyes, seeing them pissing in their hiding spots before it flames them or cuts the overhead pipes down on them. And as it's running it's slipping and tipping off balance while it's blades screams against the steelcrete building and rubble...

See, kit-bashing for Chaos is fun! And the moral of this story is never throw away your bits! There's always something else to be made or modified!