Sunday Night Blood Bowl

Tonight, The Ironheed Manglers met the Morrsleib Manglers on the new Milwaukee Pitch to test it's suitability. Only about 2/3's completed, it held up just fine and there was much mangling up and down the pitch!

The dwarves stomped the Chaos beastmen into the dust, sending 4 to the dugout in VERY short order:

one pushed right off the pitch, one K-O'd & two seriously injured for the rest of the game. But, a dropped ball just outside the Ironheed Mangler's End Zone...

...and some fast hoofwork and a great pass on the part of #4 saw the score 1-zip Morrsleib.

The perfect storm continued at the opening kick-off of the second half for Chaos as once again, #4 (Mugglwump), ran the ball up the center with plenty of protection to score again.

As the Dwarves tried to rally, time on the game ran out. (The building contractors got wind the pitch was in use and the two teams hightailed it out of there...)

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