So Beautiful, it's Stupid...

I can't write intelligently about the gameplay yet. After several hours, not a few beers and lengthy good conversation with gaming mixed in, I CAN say Games Workshop's Dreadfleet plays like a Seabound version of Battlefleet Gothic if it were done by Fantasy Flight Games. This is a round-about way of me saying I enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to learning the game more completely!

From a modeling/hobby standpoint alone, the game is worth the price of admission! The results are seriously beautiful:

Yes, I'm sure it's become quite clear from the pics which boat was mine... the one that sank first. THAT part of the game I'm solid on.

Speaking of Fantasy Flight-esque, the kids and I tackled FF's World of Warcraft Adventure Game.

This was also primarily a learning experience, but still fun.

What is it with all these cards necessary for games within the last decade or so? Do we have Magic and Pokemon to thank for this constant reliance on cards? I can adapt, but it makes for a busy, precarious tabletop.