Summer of FASA

My best friend just scored an in-the-shrinkwrap, complete Battletech 3rd edition set!! I just scored an in-the-shrinkwrap, complete Renegade Legion 2nd edition box set -- yeah, the one with the 36 tanks included!!

Add to that the fact I've been studying this for the past couple months on and off:

And with Games Workshop doing something about inflation -- i.e. raising their prices -- and adopting a European store management model -- which apparently means they're never really open for any length of time -- I think we got the makings for the summer of Fasa! The material's just as fun and playable as it was 25 years ago and thanks to ebay and Amazon.com and loads of independant retailers/resellers out there in the world. Almost just as accessable. Woot!
Nope. Never played Shadowrun and have no ambition to, but thanks for thinking of that one.