40K Traitor Guard part 2

I'm WAY past due addressing this and I need to thank Jay from: Jay's Workshop for giving me a swift proverbial kick in the ass. Since November, I haven't just been complaining about how I've been priced out of a hobby I've been at for 24 years, I've actually been working on things and stuff that have been sitting on the shelf from the time when I bought and purchased and horded like a Democrat with someone else's blank checkbook.

While this isn't the comprehensive Traitor Guard List, this is everything that will appear in it! Because this isn't simply misled, misguided or otherwise foolish regular Guard, but full blown renegade traitors who have embraced Chaos and turned from the Emperor I use the colorful, "in-Universe" names and titles,and provide tailoring for all 5 styles of Chaos army. (Undivided, Slaanesh, Nurgle etc etc.) But when I post the full list, it will become clear what stat lines I am using for whom and I'll try to list which codex or article each entry was pulled from. Also, I'm not including point values here.

Company Command Squad
-Arch Renegade or
-Beastman Champion or
-Herald of Slaanesh or
-Chaos Magus or
-Plague Disciple
--Heretic Veteran
--Heretic Veteran Weapons Team

HQ Independants:
-Dark Mechanicum Enginseer
-Chaos Magus Master

-Big Mutants
-Demon Packs
-Rogue Psykers
-Heretic Veteran Squad

-Heretic Infantry Platoon (Same as IG)
-Gibbering Hordes

-RoughRider Squadron
-Scout Sentinel Squadron
-Armored Sentinel Squadron
-Hellhound Squadron
-Chaos Hounds

-Chaos Spawn
-Leman Russ Squadron (Some type restrictions)
-Hydra Flak Tank Battery
-Ordinance Battery

This has come together nicely, providing a guide to build a tough tabletop 40K army that could go toe-to-toe with a loyalist Imperial Guard army without either side having an outrageous advantage or disability in the face of the other. I'm confident it accomplishes this while stylistically remaining true to the 40K universe and frankly would be fun to hobby as well! (Which is good because since I really can't buy new models, I have to turn inward on my stock!)