New Scenarios for Fantasy Flight X-Wing

Fantasy Flight's X-Wing Miniature game is perfect.  Straight out of the box, out of the packaging, it is perfect.  An ideal marriage of tabletop logistics, balanced model stats, canon adherence for both movies and EU backgrounds, easy to learn, with all the fluidity of play from the original X-wing and Tie Fighter PC videogames.

Do they "make it like the used to...?"

...for once the answer is YES!

Now that it's been out for awhile, and wave 3 expansion is on the way, there should be more to do then just going head-to-head and bashing away at your opponents' ships and squadrons.  There are events and tourneys and some great forum postings; but there could always be more.

I'm going to post some more starting with this one, adapted from those classic 90's video games and play tested.  Point values were actually a minor consideration, but the Fantasy Flight game designers were so skilled and true to the origins, that the values come out in the wash and each scenario is winnable by either side.  These are written in as close to the style of the intro set's instructions pages 22-24, for ease of use. A play area of roughly 3' x 4' is assumed.  (My illustrations are marginal, but serviceable.)

Mission: Delivery Interupt (Part 1)

There is an imperial admiral taking on a shipment of Tie Advanced from a factory's freighter. (The capital ship and freighter are assumed present, both off board).  The star destroyer launches a patrol of 3 tie interceptors to supervise and guard the transfer.  Player 1 and player 2 both make up this patrol! However, player 1 is a spy loyal to the Emperor and this particular Admiral has his own plans for these Tie Advanced.

Mission Set up:
Player 1: Tie interceptor x2  Saber Squadron    
               Battle Honors: Player's choice
               Tie Advanced x3 Tempest squadron.
               * No missile load out/ only 1 shield            
Player 2: Tie Inceptor: Soontir Fel.                           
                Battle Honor: Player's choice                      
                 **Turn 3 player 2 acquires two                  
                 Tie fighters/Black Squadron.

The Tie Advanceds are set up one (out of 3) fire range distance from the center of the short edge (in gray) and one size "1" movement template apart from each other in a row.  Player one deploys two interceptors in region "1" facing the Tie advanced with Player 2 set up in the region marked "2".  The additional green set up areas on the long edges are for the arriving tie fighters -- edge randomly determined by coin toss or other method.

Special Rules:

*Tracking rounds: Game lasts 6 turns. Lay out 6 turn markers; remove one after every full turn.
* On the top of the third turn, two Tie fighters from Black Squadron arrive from one of the long board
   edges to assist Player 2. They come on in initiative order by laying their movement template
   directly on board edge.
* Tie Advanceds have full mobility, but no weapons and only 1 shield.  They must get off the far short edge where the Players deployed from.
* TA's left on the board after turn 6 do not count towards either side's victory.
*Once the advanceds flee or are destroyed, the traitor interceptors are compelled to save themselves and try and flee off their deployment edge. (aka return to the star destroyer)


Player 2: Traitor Victory:  Get more Tie advanceds off the board then are destroyed.  Kill Soontir Fel. Get Tie interceptors off the board -- and back onto the Star Destroyer

Player1:  Imperial Victory:  Destroy Tie Advanceds before they flee.  Survive.

(Part Two will be posted here as an extension to this posting)