Catch a Titan by the Toe

"Tanksgiving Weekend" is over and the Imperials came out on top at the local GW store, despite the opposing side's best efforts, recycling their tanks, and attacks from other stores around the country. The Judicum Divinia, my Warlord Titan, once again wound up face down on the table, -- no, not because of it's construction, because of enemy fire-- but no apocalyptic explosion for her. Regrettably, the much anticipated face off with my buddy cyborgtrucker's BaneLord never happened. I'm thinking Grandfather Nurgle didn't like his pursuit of things Khorne and visited him with a sinus headache per his own blog.

I had the pleasure of playing across from not only my son, who's Chaos baneblade nearly singlehandedly blew away my Titan, not only next to my friend Cain who's tank line remained pristine until the last turn and killed much Tau filth, but across from another guy named Mike who, frankly, looks like a retired Space Wolf and clearly has a passion for all things Orky. I'm kicking myself for not getting shots of his work, but any Ork Horde that rapes the Tau for their vehicles and nails tank treads to them has my vote for Warboss!

At this Tanksgiving weekend, GW stores from across the country could attack one another's tables. While we accosted no one, the repeated highlight of the day was the pregnant pause on the phone when other stores attacking us learned they'd have a Warlord Titan's apocalyptic missle launcher to contend with. The Divinia killed many Basilisk tanks and crews nation wide. The Detroit store in particular felt our wrath as they couldn't seem to leave Philly alone. The Philly store called up and asked for help. So my Titan missiled Detroit, Cain's and my Vultures flew over there and strafed their tables and Mike used a strategic asset to drop a boulder on their lines from orbit. That pretty much ended the store to store attacks.

After absorbing more fire than probably even the modified event rules should have allowed, my Warlord was taken out by the toe, literally. An ork vehicle piloted recklessly and bravely by Mike's daughter crashed it's deathroller right into the middle toe of my titan and easily claimed its last structure point. Awesome!! My Inquisitorial Chimera once again put the fear of the Emperor into it foes, ramming an Ork battlewagon -- I didn't realize it was a battlewagon -- and taking a toll with it's autogun turret, coming through unscathed once again! But the icing on this cake is that my Space Wolves Predator gets a Monolith silhouette on it. I know it wasn't a "real" game of 40K, but that little under-armored tank killed more than it's share including the Monolith bearing down on it.

All around a great event!