What's a third coat of paint?

Been a pretty good year for gaming. Original D&D, Superhero RPG game based on the 4E Gamma World system, Battltech, free trial periods of World of Warcraft, Axis & Allies, AND I finally learned to play Warhammer. (Even built up a nice sized dwarf army thanks to E-bay and a friend's generosity.)

Been a good year for modeling too. My $5.00 glue gun is the best modeling purchase I ever made! But that's for another post. This is a brief illustration of my turning back the clock as implied in my last post.

Most of my original Space Marines were lost in a move, but were replaced and painted as quickly as possible. They've existed as two homemade codex chapters with wildly different paint schemes to match. (Silver & Brown and Viridian Green) and now are being made over in the colors of one of my favorite legions: The Salamanders. Despite the awful novel bearing their name, they remain one of the noblest and humble of the Space Marine chapters. Guarding the rear, protecting the convoy, helping civilians, ruthlessly beating the living hell out of the enemies of the Imperium, they are one of the best faces of the Space Marines in the 40K Universe (even if that face is pitch black with glowing red eyes per their peculiar geneseed reaction to their volitile homeworld Nocturne.)

Showing their age for sure. Still, green's definitely their color.