40K Traitor Guard Progress Pics

I've posted a few times about kit bashing a traitor Guard force/army for Warhammer 40K.   This is to show that I was not posting lightly.  My son & I have been been working the Chaos loving traitors for a while now,  we just paused for other projects, summer stuff, etc. Not everything is painted, or even cleaned of flash/mold lines, but we're having a good time doing it and here's some of our progress:
"plucky" -- so named for his missing eye -- leads his cultists into battle
A little chopping & Defiler Autocannons make for a GREAT Leman Russ Extrerminator!

I FINALLY have somewhere to put that old spikey searchlight!
Well balanced squadron for Chaos unbalanced minds
The General & his Bodyguards. Total sleeper...
Chaos rough riders in a hurry drape det-tape over their lances
Clear Coat over black primer = instant weathering for a great neglected look

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  1. OH! MY! GAWD!!! These are awesome! I really love the conversion idea for the renegade Exterminator, and I dig how everything is very obviously no longer Imperial, but without being too gaudy. This is some fantastic work!

    Also, nice to see a blog, there buddy. ;-P