The Secret DM's old-timey-feel, OGL playable Contest

Write and submit a dungeon crawl dungeon -- without backstory, the dungeon itself will drive the narrative and old school feel-- and possibly win the 1st ed. AD&D core books from Wizards of the Coast, plus have it turned into a professional quality .pdf!  See Link below:
All I play is original edition D&D, so "old" I can do.  OGL I'll have study some.  Playtesting D&D Next will help that learning curve hopefully!

From the Secret DM: PLEASE NOTE: This contest, while designed to honor the memory of Gary Gygax, is not officially supported by either Wizards of the Coast or the Gygax estate, so please base any items, monsters, encounters, etc on the OGL (Open Gaming License.)

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  1. Note that "OGL-friendly" simply means "nothing I can get sued over". So like a five-headed chromatic dragon named Tiamat infringes on WotC's peoperty. But if it's in the OGL, it's safe to be used.

    Good luck to you!