New Scenarios for Fantasy Flight X-Wing 2

This scenario is pretty straight forward.  No real consideration was given to point value because it can go either way depending on player skill and of course...the dice!

Mission: Escape from the Death Star

Obi Wan Kenobi has disabled the tractor beams and gave his life to ensure that Luke, the droids, Han, Chewie and the Princess could escape the Death Star.  Now the Millennium Falcon and her crew confront the Imperial pursuit.  (Mission assumes a playing area roughly 4'x3')

Mission Set up:

Player 1 - Rebels:
*Millennium Falcon
  -Han Solo
  -Luke Skywalker
Battle Honor: Expert Handling

Player 2 -- Imperials
Black Squadron Tie fighters x4
Battle Honor(s): Player's choice

The Millennium Falcon is Set up one full blaster template from the center of one of the short board edges.  The tie's are not placed on the board for the first turn, and the Falcon player has one free turn of movement.  On turn two, the Tie fighters move onto the board by placing their move template(s) directly on the same board edge the Millennium Falcon entered from.

Mission Objectives AND Victory Conditions:

This is a brawl.  Either the Tie's are going down, or the Falcon is.

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