Long Overdue Warhammer 40K Campaign

I finally got on board and purchased 6th edition of Warhammer 40K by way of the box set: Dark Vengeance.  As always, Games Workshop's boxed sets are a generous miniature give-away and could act as a stand alone tabletop game. But the "need" for more is built into the system in general.  It's just that trying to keep up with the seemingly never ending alterations and price increases that more-and-more define Games Workshop's Warhammer 40K, seems to drown out what's important.  SO, we've decided to do something retro and actually have fun with the hobby.  It's campaign time!

Our campaign will use: Battlefleet Gothic, Warhammer 40K 4th edition Kill Team, Planet Strike, Warhammer 40K 6th edition, Cities of Death and Planetary Empires for mapping purposes.


Year: 999M41
Segmentum: Pacificus
Planet: Amerigo Chorale

Amerigo Chorale had been hidden from the Imperium by a millennia long warp storm, completely cut-off and presumably lost to mankind.  In response to a final entreaty for assistance, early relief efforts ended in the loss of a partial fleet and Imperial Guard task force.  (The Inquisition suspected treachery in this matter but were unable to pursue a rigorous follow up.)

With the advent of Abbadon's 13th Black Crusade,  the warp storms obscuring Amerigo Chorale suddenly dissipated and the planet started screaming...


In the warp, the planet's signature became a navigational hazard to reinforcements rushing to aid Cadia and stem the flow of Chaos forces from the Eye of Terror.  Disparate Imperial elements were redirected to silence Amerigo Chorale if possible, pending an Exterminatus Action by the Inquisition.  (There is rumored to be Xeno tech or ancient STD human tech on the planet, so the Inquistion and Mars both were interested in reclamation of the planet if possible.


Imperials: 1) Reclaim the planet for the glory of the Imperium; 2) Find and "silence" the 8 psychic choirs sending out their disruptive navigational influence into the warp 3) Confirm existence of STD or Xeno Tech, locate and secure.

Chaos forces: Kill the invaders and maintain psychic choir disruption of warp travel.


Fun, gorgeous, practical.  These tiles rule!

We will use Planetary Empires in reverse.  This is a Chaos held world and has been for centuries, so our use of the tiles, with the exception of the first chosen by the Chaos player, will be random.  (We have a d6 system worked out for this.)  Turns for Planetary Empires will alternate, but will necessarily be kicked off by the invading Imperials.

To begin the campaign, the Imperial player(s) could choose from a game of Battlefleet Gothic or 4th edition Kill team to pave the way for invasion.  Kill Team it was.  Battle report pending.

Game on!


  1. This looks freakin' awesome! I am very sad I'm not there to be able to play. But post tons of details and I'll get my vicarious enjoyment. :-)