Building a Warlord Titan Intro

The first thing I did when the Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Gamer Edition back-pack showed up at the house was to naturally sling it over both shoulders and run around making lasgun noises, like I was actually in the Cadian 8th defending the "Gate". In my neighborhood, that's not hard to imagine. You'd think at my age I would forgo that step, but alas... nicotine can only hold back so much.

More to the point, on page 124 of the Apocalypse rules stands the Warlord Titan -- well, the illustration of one anyway -- towering over the Warhound Titan and necessitating a magnifying glass to the see the guardsman silhouette. With a datasheet and an array of weapons that would make the most battle hardened Imperial Commander blow his load for the sheer joy of having one; "fething" awesome!

There was an instantaneous ambition to build one.

A friend and I discussed it at length, but while he leaned more towards purchasing this and shopping for that, I instantly turned my attention to ridiculously full "bits" boxes in my basement and ofcourse garbage, both at home and at work (and maybe in the alley too). While our attention was misguidedly focused on theory and practicality and feasibility and all the asinine crap a 30something year old brain goes through to hinder creativity, another friend had gone ahead and built his first warlord titan. I say "friend" because I am unoffically credited in the opening of his blog and I'm ignoring a 17+ year gap in our active contact.

His blog moniker is "cyborgtrucker". Creative and innovative well beyond me, cyborgtrucker set the pace in this GW area/market for building a 40K Warlord to go with the 28mm scale of the miniatures. The chronicle of this from beginning, with a few pieces of Masonite, to selling the finished product on ebay can be found in the link below:


Now, I like Cyborg's Titan. It may be a bit lean, espcially for a Nurgle blessed mech, but to be fair it was his first, and in our area, it was the only Warlord Titan to be found. And, it was never defeated in battle -- considering that everyone and their brother probably shoots at the thing as soon as it hits the gaming table, that's pretty decent.

A little slower getting my project past the planning stages, I'm afraid my Titan will never be across the table from the "BileDriver". I anticipated finishing it before Christmas '07; now I just want to have it ready before the end of January '08.

Details of construction begin in part two.