Ain't she sweet?

If I had only known, if I had taken two seconds to do the math... if if if.. bla-bla-bla. Better late than never, right? After roughly $22.00 and a total of 2 hours active work, help from a friend and a donation of felt from an art instructor, my gaming table is ready for the dice to start rolling! Yeah, there's still sawdust on the floor, and maybe some bits of glue, oh, and some Lego... but the table's good-to-go!

What should I call this space? "Dork dungeon" has already been taken -- and rightly so. Hm... "Nerd's nook", "dork den", "Geek's garden", "poindexter place", "The Alcove", "The Bastille"... ooh, like that last one. "The Bastille". Or maybe "the Cell", (or is that too Jennifer Lopez?) Or maybe my kids will come up with something... For now, the title of the room is up in the air. What's for sure is the house has gaming at it's heart.

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  1. Oh yeah!!! I have one too, but it's put up for the planting season (I need my garage back for a few months). It seems the death of my table is the birth of yours. Color me jealous!