Quality Cadian 412th Time

I thought when my son put down his Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard army last year, after building half of it, he was done with 40K completely. He'd collected a decent sized Chaos Marine army and attached them narratively and physically with their paint scheme to my own Space Marines, saying his army was born of my fallen-from-grace Marines. I was flattered enough as a dad not to be pissed off at the thought of MY Space Marines turning from the Emperor of Mankind and the Golden Throne! (He was irritated when I decided to convert those same Marines from vanilla codex to Slamanders Chapter; understandably. He can thank Vulkan He'stan for that move).

It's February 2011 and I suddenly find myself with time in the post World of Warcraft world in which I now live. So I picked up his lone sentinel, primed it and set about painting it in the scheme of his beloved 412th Cadian regiment as introduced in the Dawn of War videogame series. Out of nowhere, my son's interest is back and he sits down with me, putting together the rest of the models at a furious pace.

Why? He doesn't have to paint them ofcourse! How did I not see that months ago?

So the nerd cave in the basement was remade into our Guard rallying depo and the PS2 found post PS3 relevance acting as our DVD player as we indulged in:
...all the while building and painting like crazy. Then we got to kit bashing and the boy got to thinking and threw this tasty group of hardcore veterans together: One flamer, 2 grenade launchers and seven shotguns! Yes, I know it might make more sense to take a heavy flamer, but he's making them grenadiers so the point costs are better served on a squad-wide 4+ save. With a Chimera that has a heavy bolter turret, hull mounted heavy bolter and heavy stubber up top, this could be a beautiful anti troop unit, dice rolls permitting ;) Time well spent all around. Can't wait to see them painted and fighting!

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