4E Superheroes

4th Edition D&D is reversed engineered WoW, there's no getting around that. But the same system heavily modified for Gamma World THEN applied to a Superhero game? We'll see! Tales of Lakefront City Heroes here we come! Meet the Real Life Superheroes League: Using Heromachine 2.5 and some kit bashed minatures (That the kids painted mostly ;))

Grey Matter! He'll make you think twice about committing a crime, literally!

The Kitchen! Serving up Justice with a knuckle sandwich on the side!

Kitchenette! This flying waitress has a TIP for you! Stay out of trouble!

The Woods Girl! With an affinity for nature and monkey rage This park ranger will keep you on the path...of good!

Zoo Pal Girl! Able to shapeshift into animals AND become invisible, evil-doers had better hope she also needs to sleep sometime!


  1. so, wait, are those pics based off the minis or are the minis based off the pics? Because if that's all coincidental, I'm gonna die.

    Nice work, btw! I do love me some 4E, so I can't wait to see what this looks like when I get up there.

  2. The pics came first when we were getting into Villains & Vigilantes. The kids were so jazzed about their superheroes we built the miniatures as close to the pics as we could for this 4E version.